Case Study #2



Every year government agencies would get involved in a national campaign that would bring awareness to Cancer Research. National Denim Daywas created to allow its employees to show their support by wearing denim or casual attire along with a Pink Ribbon’ for a suggested donation of $5.00.

This year, all money being collected was to go to the Cure Foundation which is an institution to increase awareness in the fight for Breast Cancer Research. 

After a dear friend, and business partner passed away from cancer; Creative MiXX Founder, Diana Dooley wanted to do something special in Catherine’s memory.

Diana thought of a concept that would warm peoples hearts and help secure donations for Cancer Research. In collaboration with one of her vendors Diana designed plush puppy dogs in the colour pink. Each plush pink puppy dog wore a black bandanna printed with the slogan – ‘Creative MiXX Takes a Bite out of Cancer.’  These puppy dogs were donated to Transport Canada’s National Denim Day fundraising event.



The result was instantaneous! The plush pink puppy dogs caught the immediate attention of government employees coming into the building; and in turn the volunteers were able to receive higher donations.

The volunteers collected over $600.00 for the Cure Foundation and would have been higher had we not run out of these cute puppy dogs.