Product Safety & Sourcing

Creative MiXX Inc is committed to providing our customers with quality merchandise and consumables that are safe, responsibly sourced, and competitively priced.

We have stringent protocols in place to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products we sell. Although we do not own or operate any manufacturing facilities, we provide our vendor partners with detailed specifications for the products we obtain, and require our vendors to adhere to all Health Canada regulations, as well as all applicable environmental and labour-related laws and regulations.

Each vendor (domestic or international) must submit to the terms and conditions outlined in our vendor agreement, which states our expectations for product quality, safety and adherence to government regulations. Before agreeing to conduct business with any international vendor, we require a review of their existing social compliance audit.

Environmental Responsibility

Creative MiXX Inc recognizes the importance of engaging in programs and initiatives designed to reduce our impact on the environment. Our efforts in-house are focused on waste reduction and diversion, energy conservation and efficiency, and innovation within sustainable product offerings.

Waste Reduction & Diversion

Our goal is to help eliminate and reduce the volume of waste destined for landfills through the implementation of cost-effective diversion programs. We are pleased that our waste diversion program continues to deliver positive gains.

Recyclable Materials - anything that is currently recyclable (i.e., stainless steel bottles, cans, paper, plastic bottles, ink cartridges, vendor boxes, catalogues, etc.)

Non-Recyclable Materials - mostly plastic packaging and general waste, excluding recyclables and organic waste

Organic Waste - lunchroom food waste, paper towels, etc.

The goal of zero waste is to turn organics into compost, reuse recyclables and convert non-recyclables to electricity.