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You should approach your promotional program the same way as any other marketing assignment. Evaluate your objectives, your audience and your needs.

1. What are the best mediums for reaching your target audience?

2. How can you add impact to your marketing message?

3. Can you generate a theme around your message?

4. How will you measure the effectiveness of your promotional campaign?

5 Creative MiXX Inc. can provide creative assistance and collaboration for ANY type of event.

Our product specialists will educate and illustrate how to use custom-imprinted products to promote your company at trade shows and all other corporate event.  We can also design successful incentive and recognition programs, and create a dynamic impression for your organization in a wide array of other activities.

Whether you are a Fortune 100 company, a small business or a non-for-profit organization, uniquely designed and branded promotional products can offer an effective promotional solution that is appropriate for you. We will demonstrate how to capture attention and unlock the secrets of promotional success.

To request an Introductory Consultation, call us at 613-739-2650, or submit an email request to our Chief Strategist, Diana Dooley at -  and discover how Creative MiXX Inc. can create an influential promotional marketing campaign that is exclusive for you.