A Message from our President

As one of Canada’s leading promotional marketing agencies who supports an Earth-friendly lifestyle and business ethic; Creative MiXX Inc. has a unique opportunity to make a difference for our business partners, co-workers, and surrounding communities that are so vital to our company.

Sustainability is not a new word to us. We have realized since the launch of Creative MiXX Inc. that the long-term strength of our company is as dependent on the health of our communities as it is on our reputation for value, quality and service. Doing our part to sustain those communities is not just doing what is right; it is a significant long-term business commitment.

We use two words to communicate our sustainability focus: Inspire, and Preserve which incorporates inspiring our people and preserving our natural resources.

We inspire our people by ensuring respect for human rights, promoting health and wellness and more importantly, by providing individuals with opportunities to maximize their potential through education and community support.

We preserve our natural resources not only by ensuring compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations; but by continuously seeking the most environmentally friendly product solutions through our trusted vendor network.

During these past few years, our social responsibility initiatives have been concentrated in streamlining our operations across all our business divisions to ensure full visibility of our supply chain, and better governance of our Code of Conduct.  Furthermore, we maintain our commitment to supply chain transparency and continuous improvement by partnering with key organizations that are strong supporters of sustainable labour practices.

Another key element of our efforts is community engagement. Creative MIXX Inc. continues to be at the forefront of community development by having its employees volunteer and/or sponsor corporate initiatives that focus on environmental health, children, and community support.

As proud as we are of our past accomplishments, we know that we must focus on continually improving our services. As we continue to grow, our pledge is to further our commitment to our people and to our planet.


Diana H Dooley/ President