Facts about T-shirt Printing


Metallic Inks and Glitters         

Metallic ink or foil is used in screen printing to add sparkle to graphic design.  You wish for more bling? Try adding glitters (rhinestones) for more effect.


Puff Printing

The puff effect is achieved by adding a special substance to screen printing ink. When subjected to heat, the ink expends and rises to give a textured effect to the graphic design. »

Even though this process is available in a large array of coloured inks, for best results, we recommend restricting puff to just one colour.

Screen printing and puff printing

Screen printing and puff printing

Screen printing and puff printing


Simulated All-Over


All-Over printing is very popular at retail and is delivering big results for many of today’s hottest brands. Your clients see this style of printed garments and love them, but don’t typically have the budget to afford them.


Creative MiXX Inc.’s All-Over Printing gives your clients the retail look and feel that they want at a fraction of the price.


Use any combination of Creative MiXX Inc unique print locations to create high impact, retail style Simulated All-Over Printed garments.




High density printing

Often used to decorate sportswear or sport inspired garments, this high density (HD) printing process gives relief and clean borders in comparison to the clean but rounder borders of puff printing.

Certain types of HD give excellent results without much relief such as the lipstick or animal fur effects.

Screen printing - high density printing

Screen printing - high density printing

Screen printing and screen printing - high density printing


Bleach Printing

Why use bleach printing?

Screen printing - bleach printing

Screen printing - bleach printing

Screen printing - bleach printing


Mixed Print Methods



Mixed printing on clothing items, is the combination of two or more decorating techniques on one apparel item.  Combining screen-printing and embroidery, or appliqué and screen-printing are two of the most popular mixed media options.


Creative MiXX has long been recognized as one of the best distributors in the country and we have recently partnered with great decorators and suppliers who have invested heavily in new print technology. With the arrival of the state-of-the-art Tajima embroidery equipment the sky is now the limit.


Just imagine – our vendor’s award winning Hi-res Accu-Colour four-colour process printing combined with appliqué. Watch out competition! There is a new player in town.


Unique Print Locations



The hottest thing in the garment industry today is the use of unique print locations to create fashion forward clothing.  The boundaries of tee shirt design have been shattered and just about anything are possible.

Use our unique print locations to add the cool factor to your client’s brands and sit back as the praise rolls in.

Other Print Locations