Creative MiXX Inc. is here to support, and augment your corporate brand identity by integrating promotional gift items into your every day business needs albeit a tradeshow event, conference, or new business/product launch.


Within every organization, you will find departments from Sales to Marketing, to Human Resources that have representatives’ actively purchasing branded promotional apparel, awards and other merchandise to support their customers and or employee initiatives. 

Creative MiXX Inc. (one of Canada’s leading suppliers of corporate gifts, apparel, and sustainable earth-friendly products) can offer you and your associates consistent brand management throughout all departmental programs, and initiatives.  

As a business partner; Creative MiXX Inc. offers our clients complementary consulting services.  Our Creative Consultants are recognized as “Idea Generators – hence the unique title “Ideaographer”.  We are not catalogue pushers. We are Promotional Marketing Strategists.


We develop and design programs by sourcing, branding and delivering promotional gift items that are appropriate and unique for your industry.


It is important for each of our team members to get to know you personally, and to better understand how your business works. Our Creative Consultants consider themselves your “off-site marketing business partner.”



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We have the Expertise and Product Knowledge to help you:


  • * boost company, and brand awareness
  • * inspire and motivate employees with internal contests
  • * show recognition and appreciation to employees for dedicated service
  • * design and develop consumer loyalty programs
  • * develop, design and manage customized merchandizing programs
  • * enhance trade show success with impactful giveaway items that reflect your corporate brand and message


We Deliver


Strategically thought-out gifting solutions that promise to bring a definite WOW factor to any marketing campaign. 


We have achieved our success through:


  • * Creativity, care, and attention to our client’s needs and objectives
  • * Resourcefulness, that far surpasses our client’s expectations
  • * Outstanding personalized customer service, that keep our clients connected from start to finish
  • * Extensive product knowledge, with access to over 850,000 products, including sustainable gift items that are reusable, recyclable,and biodegradable. 


100% Quality Control


We take great pride in providing the best product solutions in the marketplace. If you are not fully satisfied with the product, we will look into the issue and work hard to find a product to your liking of better quality.