Our Core Values

teamworkOur core values are the foundation of our success and continue to provide us with guidelines for every key business decision and every interaction that we have with our customers, suppliers, as well as our peers.

First and foremost, we have a passion for people.  We are proud to be involved in a people-oriented industry. We hire and/or contract amazing individuals who have the same belief system as we do at Creative MiXX Inc., and recommend others to do the same.

Next, we have a passion for our culture. We have created a unique environment of mutual support, mentorship, communication and collaboration. We also offer an opportunity to make a difference through the support of various local charities as well institutions that support “Saving our Planet”. This environment enables us to attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

We believe that great people are at the heart of every successful organization. Our core values center on bringing people together to create awareness and support for local environmental initiatives that help:


We also have a passion for innovation and creativity. We have consistently addressed the growing needs of our clients; improved process efficiencies, and even established new lines of vendor relations. We are constantly pushing the envelope with innovative FRESH IDEAS that YOU or your customer CAN HOLD ONTO™.


And finally, we have a passion for excellence.  We are committed to setting the standard for others in this industry to follow.

We know that our customers, suppliers; and co-workers depend on this commitment. When we succeed, it is with pride knowing that our North American clients have succeeded as well; especially in today’s fiercely competitive global market.


Our Mission


To embrace our customers with outstanding customer service, by getting-to-the-bottom of their everyday marketing challenges.

Creatively offer effective strategic solutions by getting to know our clients personally and staying current with industry trends that relate to their business.

Our ultimate goal is to save you time and money. We will ensure that your marketing dollars are directed towards the appropriate programs designed for you business.

We specialize in envisioning wild and wacky ideas that actually work.


Our Membership Affiliations


As a leading Canadian promotional product company, we are proud to be members of these leading local, national and international industry and business associations.